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“Today Double-Sided Printing is Trend in U.S. We Started It”

Douglas Muller, President and Chairman at The Haire Group, talks about 15 years of Dongfang’s presence in the American market and a little about the new Apstar HG2 1628 converting line standing at SuperCorrExpo 2021

“Mr. Muller, how Dongfang feels in the U.S.?”

Haire supports sales, services, parts for Dongfang in America for 15 years. 150 machines sold, and Dongfang very much likes our partnership, because we do support and service for they excellent machines.”

“Can you show us the line? Not so many machines this year at the exhibition.”

“Yes, very few. (approaching Apstar HG2 1628)

“This is a servo driven feed section, and then we have as many printers as you want, anywhere from 2 to 8 colors. This machine is gear, Dongfang makes servo and we have sold many, but this one is gear.

“It’s a simple machine, very easy to maintain, and the support we do on it is outstanding. That’s why we have such success in partnership: they build it, we sell it, we service it.

Haire has been in the corrugated industry for 46 years. All customers — big companies, small companies — know Haire, so they trust us, and we’re able then to convert that trust into them buying our machines.

“It’s very good for Dongfang, they like Haire because we take care of ourselves, we take care of their machines, and we make sure to take care of the customers. And that’s been a key to our success, we say we don’t have any competitors.” (laughing)

“What would you say to Russian producers of corrugated cardboard?”

“In my opinion, because the machine is well built and does not require a lot of maintanence, it does not brake down, it would be an excellent product in the Russian market.

“We are very happy with Dongfang, with the quality of their machines. They don’t change it, they build them better every year, always going to look for ways to improve it, and they keep us aware of those improvements.

“One thing we do and have success at in America is top and bottom printers. What that means is in one pass you can print on the bottom of the box and on the top, so when you fold that box and your customer opens it, there’s more advertising.”

“Especially good for e-commerce?”

“For e-commerce it’s perfect.”

“It’s a trend in the U.S.”

“It is a trend. We started it.”

“Now I understand why, because in Europe we have none. We have finished another exhibition day with Mr. Muller, Haire, and Dongfang Apstar.”

“I am very happy with our relationship with Dongfang, honorable people, very much character-driven, honest, and I think they are happy too.”

“Yes, I think so, what you told me was amazing.”

“U.S. is a very big market.”

“Thank you!”

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