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SIKO service team consists of high qualified engineers with working experience from 8 to 15 years. We specialize in electronics, mechanics and technology of corrugated production. All our engineers have university degree and certification. Yearly further education courses at the factories of our partners let us solve even the most difficult questions. Constant communication with technical departments of our suppliers ensures fast technical feedback and spare parts delivery.

We work on the basis of service contracts as well on individual single cases.

Main jobs:
Assembling and putting into operation;
Guidance of personnel;
Training of personnel;
Engineering support of the supplied by SIKO equipment;
Disassembling with a defect report and further assembling & putting into operation by company’s resettlement;
Repair works and upgrading of equipment;
Maintenance activities;
Preventive inspection;
Recall of factory settings;
Remote diagnostic (when machines are equipped with necessary options).
Guarantee is provided for all service jobs
Group of companies "SIKO"

Send a request for spare parts and consumables

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Necessary requirements for service support
For calling SIKO service engineers it is required to fill in the form (s. the link) on your company’s letterhead and to send it to one of the following email addresses:
service@siko-group.com, info@siko-group.com d.fedorovskaya@siko-group.com

Please indicate the following details:

Company full name and bank details;
Full name of equipment, year of manufacture and machine serial number;
Problem summary, photos of damages (when available);
Phones and contact persons;
Address where equipment is placed;
Confirmation of payment conditions and security of payment;
Company stamp.

Customer pays

The following expenses are paid according to the bills and receipts:

transport charges when going by car;
air and/or railway tickets;
daily benefits;
Other additional charges (parking, excess baggage, taxi and so on).

Customer also pays service engineers’ travel hours.

*The Contractor reserves the right to modify the current conditions of the call.