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SANWA installed a press in Ivanovo

In September 2020, ZIKO specialists installed the first advanced model of the TRP 1060 SVB EXSELI die-cutter of the Japanese company SANWA outside Japan in the Diana printing house, Ivanovo.

This model is an automatic press for nibbling, deburring and dividing workpieces and is manufactured at a factory in Japan, in the city of Fukuyama.

When designing a new model, Japanese engineers used the most advanced technical solutions, many of which are patented and are unique:

  1. APC 1 system - automatically maintains the specified control of the cutting pressure throughout the entire working cycle, does not require operator intervention

  2. APC 2 System - Allows you to adjust the parallelism of the lower movable table, making it possible to use a smaller format die cutter without the use of compensation knives.

  3. TriCam sheet guiding system - allows you to work at maximum speeds with material grammage from 70 g / m2

The specialists of the Diana printing house were instructed and trained to work in various modes and with different materials and immediately joined the production process, significantly increasing the productivity and the number of products issued.

Prior to the installation of the new press, Diana's printing house had experience in operating SANWA equipment, model TRP 1060 SV, produced in 2005, has been successfully operated in the printing house for many years without technical problems, which was one of the reasons for installing a new model with blank separation.

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