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Another successful installation of a new rotary line from EDF Europe

New HBL RDC 1628 (6 colors - right version) wih peripherals

The line is composed of; Flexyfeed 1628 prefeeder, HBL RDC 1628 rotary die cutter, Flexystack Vacuum 2800 stacker, Breaker 2800 line and Unipal 1629 automatic palletizer!

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The line is composed of; Flexyfeed 1324 prefeeder, Casemaker HGL 924 and Unipal 1617 automatic palletizer!
At the end of 2020, WESTA signed a contract with ZIKO for the supply of a midline model Apstar HG 924 FFG.
TRANSPACK buys Apstar midline
19 Октября 2020
The TRANSPACK company from St. Petersburg signed a contract with the ZIKO company for the supply of a new 4-color midline with a bottom print. Apstar HG2 1228 FFG model, made by DONGFANG. This equipment will enable Transpak to produce an additional 3 million square meters of products with high quality printing and precise box geometry.