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28 January 2019

SIKO offers BCS-Autobox machines to the market

SIKO, an exclusive partner of Kolbus in Russia and CIS, starts sales of the BCS-Autobox machines. At the end of the last year Kolbus acquired all shares in Autobox Machinery Ltd.

The BCS-Autobox product range is presented by modern machines for corrugated packaging which are especially popular among companies producing corrugated boxes on demand.

The BCS BOXER is extremely useful for companies who offer a selection of products in various shapes sizes with shipping quantities constantly changing. It has been designed to concentrate on short run box making so users can make boxes on demand, to increase turnaround time on orders. The BCS BOXER’s capabilities can be boosted even further with additional BCS modules to make your box making production seamlessly effective.

The AutoBOX is the company's advanced box making machine to date which has been utilized by hundreds of its valued customers. The AutoBox is compatible with a selection of the other machines to produce boxes at maximum efficiency. The AutoBOX can be used with the MultiCUT, AutoSTACK and AutoFEED to further benefit your box making efforts. The AutoBOX is servo controlled, meaning it is capable of automatically changing styles and sizes, reducing the need to manually input the data each time. Using Quick Set Up technology and touch activated screens, the data is easily entered and stored so that you can create a multitude of boxes at your fingertips.

When used in conjunction with the compatible modules and running at maximum efficiency, the AutoBOX is capable of producing over 100 different box styles, including 0411 and 0201 styles, partitions, trays and even corrugated plastics at a rate of up to 1200 boxes per hour. The AutoBOX is versatile in its handling of corrugated board, able to run different thicknesses with ease from single sheets through to heavy duty double walls, with the option to run triple board too. Blank widths can be made from 100mm/4" to 2600mm/102" x unlimited length.

The BCS-Autobox high-tech machines will broaden the product line that our company offers to customers, by adding solutions for producing boxes on demand.

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