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18 January 2019

Manchester Paper Box install 2.1m Eterna Multi-Point Gluer

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Manchester Paper Box have taken delivery of an Eterna TC2100 C6 multi-point gluer, supplied & installed by Cambridgeshire-based machinery manufacturer M&K Trading Ltd who are the UK & European agent for Eterna’s range of folder gluers. MPB are a large independent sheet plant with multiple sites offering their customers a wide variety of packaging solutions. The fully automatic 2100mm large format multi-point gluer is the largest Eterna gluer in Europe and has a maximum sheet size of 1300mm x 2100mm with an impressive maximum belt speed of 260 mtrs/min.

Eterna is a member of the Bobst Group and offers a range of sturdy multi-point gluers in sizes of 1450, 1700, 2100 and 3200mms.

Main Features:
>  Modular design, easy to upgrade as per customer’s requirements.
>  Linear Rail system throughout the machine on all carriers for precise positioning.
>  Motorised carrier movement with digital position display.
>  Driven Upper Carrier and pneumatic piston system for a wide range of corrugated boxes.
>  User friendly accessories, easy to mount and operate.
>  Pneumatic front stopper and squaring device to aid gap control and eliminate fish tailing.
>  Long delivery section with pneumatically controlled pressure for different box thicknesses.

The TC series can be fitted with any electronic glue system of choice, it can either be integrated with the machine during construction or added during the installation. This allows the user to stay with a preferred glue system supplier or choose system which offers a variety of quality control features.

Controlled folding is assured with a long folding section which has independent variable speed adjustment for both right and left hand folding belts. Jam detection and in-line pneumatically operated squaring fingers lead into the delivery section where there are three independent infeed conveyors with squaring devices to ensure that irregular box shapes are precisely squared.

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